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A Dozen Tips For A Fabulous First Impression

Market Your Home For SaleAs most of us know, first impressions are important. People are aesthetically sensitive and respond in a much more positive way to order and beauty. This is especially true when you are trying to market your home for sale.  One of the best strategies you can adopt is placing a high value on the first impression you make to any potential buyer. Fortunately, it is not difficult.  The following are 12 simple strategies you can implement to help attract and impress first-time visitors.

1.    Ask your broker to analyze your property and offer you suggestions about things you can do to improve your chances of attracting buyers.

2.    If you are a pet owner, remember that many people are allergic to dogs or cats, and some also fear them. You will want to minimize the evidence that you have animals at all. If possible, make pet sitting arrangements while you are showing your home and make sure that no offensive pet smells or odors are obvious.

3.    Don’t forget that potential buyers may open cabinet or closet doors. You don’t want to be embarrassed by anything they might find there, and that includes your medicine cabinet. Stash away anything that might be potentially awkward.

4.    Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, then take a walk around your property. Do you observe anything that might be dangerous, uncomfortable, or unattractive? You may love the black light in your basement, or your velvet painting of Elvis, but consider putting them away for a potential buyer who may not share your enthusiasm.

5.    Don’t forget that light and airy spaces make your home seem bigger and more pleasant.  Ditch the dark curtains and make sure all your light bulbs are working. If the weather outside is pleasant, open windows and let breezes come through. A home that appears open, well illuminated and is pleasantly fragrant makes a good first impression.

6.    Get out the caulking tube! New caulk looks clean and conceals small leaks and dirt.  Examine your bathrooms and kitchen for areas that need a little touchup.

7.    Nothing is more embarrassing than flipping a light switch or turning on a faucet that doesn’t work while you have a potential borrower standing there. Be absolutely thorough about making sure that any switches or knobs that might be turned on during a showing work properly and will not come off in someone’s hand.

8.    Get a professional carpet cleaner in and make sure your carpets are spotless.  This is particularly important if the carpet will remain in the house after the sale.  A professional cleaning will eliminate odors and spots and make a great first impression.

9.    Eliminate clutter wherever possible. Closets that are neat and tidy and well-organized storage areas make a great first impression.

10.    Inspect indoors and out for potential leaks from faucets, which may signal to a potential buyer that your home is not well maintained. Plumbing is important, and you want your plumbing to appear in top-notch condition.

11.    Take a little time to repaint your front door if it needs it and thoroughly clean your entry area inside and out. Perhaps add some flower pots or other attractive accoutrements to your entry. A charming and colorful entryway is a sure fire method to making a positive first impression.

12.    Be sure the exterior of your home and landscaping are clean and safe, free of dead tree branches, broken outdoor furniture, or anything else that looks shabby and unkempt. Broken children’s toys, gardening tools and pet items should be put away. You want your visitor’s first impression to be one of order and beauty.

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