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6 Tips For Getting The Most House For Your Money

Your budget is limited and you are about to make the most important purchase of your life, buying a new home. Let us take a look at a few tips that can help you maximize your house buying dollar. These tips are also excellent if you are building your own home and include the amenities that will add the most value in terms of appreciation.

1 – Location, Location, Location. Yes, it is cliché but nevertheless a solid truth. The location of your home is the single most important factor when it comes to value and future appreciation. Choose an area with good strong comparable sales, a good school district, a low crime rate, and a solid history of homes going up in value over the decades.

2 – A Home With A View. Selecting a home with a beautiful or unusual view can go a long way toward resale value down the line and sets you apart from other homes in the area. Houses on lots that are elevated, look out over water, have panoramic mountain views, or just beautiful outdoor scenery are smart moves.

3 – Bring The Outdoors Inside. Expansive decks and patios with direct access to living area spaces are highly desirable, beautiful, and versatile. In a sense, they add square footage or the impression thereof, give an appearance of spaciousness and are just generally lovely to look at.

4 – Look For Centralized Plumbing. Heavy plumbing areas that are within close proximity to each other help to reduce the cost of running expensive plumbing pipes all over the house and keep maintenance costs lower when you have to call a plumber.

5 – Look For Good Insulation. A well-sealed and well insulated home not only saves energy but will reduce your heating and cooling bills, and repair bills considerably. Homes with drafty corridors, ill-fitting doors and windows and poor insulation translate to big utility bills.

6 – Choose A Simple Roof. Roof lines that are complex will run a risk of future leaks as well as expensive or reroofing and repair bills over time. If you are choosing a home in a high fire area is paying attention to the type of roof that is on your home. You want something that is durable, long-lasting, and fire resistant.

Attention to these simple areas will help to maximize your home dollar and prevent headaches down the line. Get a home inspection to be sure that you are not inheriting any problems from the seller and heed the advice of your real estate agent.

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