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3 Palm Springs Neighborhoods Close To Downtown


When you live in a city with year-round sunshine, being able to step out your door and walk to the best places in town is an incredible perk. Luckily, many Palm Springs neighborhoods are within walking distance of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Every small section and neighborhood comes packed with a rich history, unique architecture, and diverse community. Here, we’re taking a look at three of the best locations to live within walking distance of downtown Palm Springs

Deepwell Estates


Across from East Palm Canyon Drive and south of Sunrise Way, you’ll find a charming community of mixed mid-century modern, desert ranch and Spanish-style homes. Once an apricot orchard and dude ranch, Deepwell’s name comes from a 630 ft deep well drilled into the land in the 1920s. The chic architecture and stunning landscapes were why Hollywood starlets like Tippi Hedren and Jerry Lewis made Deepwell their home.

Today, you’ll find residents jogging, cycling and walking their dogs along the quiet streets. It’s a friendly neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, and the community gathers together for annual events like August Summer Survival. A short walk to the Smoketree Shopping Center, historic Purple Room, and famed breakfast joint Ernie’s, we sure know why this is one of the most desirable living communities in the valley! 


Twin Palms

You can find one of the original Alexander Construction Company neighborhoods along the south end side of East Palm Canyon Drive at El Camino Real. This small community is a mid-century modern paradise that will transport you to another area. Sliding glass doors and butterfly roofs decorate the homes for one of our most “Instagrammable” communities. 

There’s no need to call an Uber for a night out on the town because Twin Palms is within walking distance to the finest dining and hopping spots in Palm Springs. Join locals and tourists alike at places like Mr. Lyons, King’s Highway, SO.PA, The Ace Hotel, and Del Rey


The Historic Tennis Club 

Nestled against the San Jacinto Mountains and a short walk to South Palm Canyon Drive lies an eclectic community of Spanish-style homes. Pearl McManus started The Tennis Club in the 1930s to host her English visitors, and a neighborhood quickly expanded around it. The tennis courts are still considered some of the finest in the world – but that’s not why most want to live in this coveted community!

It’s a foodie, art, and culture haven. This spot is within walking distance to restaurants and boutique hotels like Melvyn’s, Azucar, and Four Saints and cultural events like Village Fest. If you’re looking for a lively community to socialize, this is the neighborhood for you!

Living close to Palm Canyon Drive means never-ending things to do right at your doorstep. Learn more about all the neighborhoods within walking distance to downtown Palm Springs at

Photo Cred: Palm Springs Life Magazine, Mod Traveler, Palm Springs Tennis Club

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