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Monthly Archives: April 2015

    How Your Real Estate Can Help You Retire

    By Admin | April 29, 2015

    Most people know that planning for retirement is an essential part of living a happy and productive life. You have your IRA or your 401(k) and you have even managed to build a modest investment portfolio. However, the real gold may be hiding in your real estate. If you have paid off a mortgage at... Read More

    7 Best Kept Home Buying Secrets

    By Admin | April 22, 2015

    Of course it is always exciting to purchase a home and there are lots of things to be happy and excited about. But let us take a look at a few considerations that will help make your home buying experience a much more pleasant one without any unhappy surprises. 1 – Haunt Your New Neighborhood!... Read More

    6 Mistakes Made By First Time Home Buyers

    By Admin | April 20, 2015

    Everyone knows that purchasing a home is, more often than not, the largest investment the average person will make in their lifetime. Clearly then, there are plenty of good reasons to explore all the options and proceed with caution. Let us take a look at six of the biggest mistakes people make when they are... Read More

    Smart Tips To Manage Your Credit Before Purchasing

    By Admin | April 6, 2015

    Obtaining a mortgage loan can be stressful all on its own. You don’t need any unhappy surprises when your lender pulls your credit report! Fortunately, if you adopt a proactive strategy where your credit report is concerned, you can head off any potential landmines and make getting a mortgage loan a great experience. Most people... Read More